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Dawn was so helpful and friendly and polite, asking exactly what I needed and tailoring the appointment to suit me. She was also very knowledgeable – I’m breastfeeding and didn’t realise there were some essential oils we couldn’t use, but she made sure everything was safe for me. – AT 

Dawn is a miracle worker! After trying for a baby for 18 months with no success I happened to mention this to Dawn during one of my massages. She then did a bit of reflexology and I could feel the bubbling of where she said it was blocked. Two months later I found out I was pregnant 😍. Highly recommended, lovely relaxing massage too. – NP

Dawn provides a home based treatment area with an excellent holistic treatment approach coupled with the focused treatment of the trouble  treatment areas.  I have experienced a good level of improvement of my back pain and leg treatments have helped with lessening swelling.   I would recommend Dawn for her knowledge and professionalism with the added bonus that she is a really kind, helpful and nice person.  (apart from the fact she throws her watch in the washer on occasion).  – AS

Just wanted to thank you for the relaxing bamboo massage treatment. I really felt the benefit that evening and the following day with less tension in my shoulders.  YW

Had reflexology and massages with Dawn from 3 months of pregnancy until birth. she even got the baby’s sex right!!! Would recommend to anyone who is pregnant and I swear this is the reason I have one chilled out little man!!! LC