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Body Wraps are designed to assist with the battle to trim, tone and tighten up the body. It helps minimise the bumpy texture of the skin due to cellulite in the hip and thigh regions, smoothing and flattening fat cells for that firmer look.

Areas that can be wrapped are:

  • Upper Arms
  • Thighs
  • Lower Torso (below breast bone)

You may tighten up or slim down as you wish.  The effect will be less obvious on people who have been overweight for some time, because the fatty deposits have turned hard after being stored under the skin for  a while.  Regular exercise and proper diet will be needed if long term benefit is to be gained in this case.

Also people with firm muscle tone will see less benefit from body wrapping.

Those most likely to benefit are those who have gained weight over a shorter period and those with loose muscle tone.

The wrapping procedure can safely be applied two or three times in the first week, decreasing frequency in subsequent weeks according to need.


WARNING – You are not allowed to have a wrap:

  • if you are Pregnant
  • during a menstrual cycle
  • if you have recently had surgery  if you have heart problems, phlebitis or any circulatory problems

Cost – £35 which also includes a mini facial or mini reflexology session.