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Massage is renowned for it’s beneficial, therapeutic and relaxation benefits.

It can be delivered safely throughout your pregnancy after your first trimester.  You are not allowed any treatments during the first 3 months of your pregnancy.

Regular massage can help prepare you for a smooth delivery of your baby.

Yummy Mummy Luxury Spa – 1 hour 45 mins – £60

This is a delightful pamper for both you and your baby including:

  • Foot scrub
  • Back exfoliation
  • Full body massage
  • Your baby bump massaged with warm chocolate
  • And finishing off with a face and scalp massage.

You and your baby are supported throughout the treatment by the Comfy Client Cushion.

1 Hour Treatment – £35.00

This is a full body massage done with Shea Butter and Manadarin Oil.

1/2 hour Treatment – £17.50

Supported by the Comfy Client Cushion.  This treatments enables us to focus on one area of your choice.

Comfy Client Cushions