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History of Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring is an ancient Arabic form of hair removal, where a paste, made of sugar, lemon juice and water, is applied to the skin and flicked off.  This effectively removes the hair from the root.

It became completely embedded in their culture due to the success of it and still to this day in some Arabic countries as soon as girls reach puberty they are prepared for marriage by being sugared from head to toe.

In 1984 sugaring was brought to the UK by a Tunisian lady who came to live here and was amazed to find that there was nobody available to sugar her so she started to train people in this ancient technique.


½ Leg £15.00
Full Leg £21.00
Underarm £7.00
Arm £11.00
Lip or Chin £6.00
Lip & Chin £10.00
Bikini £8.00
Brazilian £10.00
Hollywood £15.00
Sides of the Face £10.00
Full Face £15.00
Eye Brows £8.00