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These are both hands on healing technique thousands of years old. They are able to assist at any level – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

What is reiki – Reiki comes from two Japanese words Rei (Gods unconsciousness or universal) and Ki (Life force energy)
It is non-invasive treatment where you can lie or sit down. I am a channel for the energy to come through and it can work through clothing.
  • It balances the energy and heals the whole person
  • Helps to calm, cleanse and clear away clutter and negative energy patterns from the physical and energy bodies, releasing physical pain, fear, stress and grief. We do NOT cure we heal.
  • Each treatment is unique to each individual person.
  • Cost £35 per hour
I have now qualified as a Reiki Master/Teacher which allows me to teach you how to do Reiki.  There are 3 levels
Level 1 – This is mainly for self healing
Level 2 – Allows you to charge for treatments and also to send distant healing to people
Level 3 – Master / Teacher allows you to share the training.